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Celebrity of the week: Amanda Seyfried September 21, 2009

Ok, so who’s hott right now? Ya, Amanda Seyfriend. She was the “dumb blonde” in ‘Mean Girls’, the love struck daughter trying to find her dad in ‘Mama Mia’ and finally the girl who battles Megan Fox in ‘Jennifer’s Body.’ This isn’t the only reason why we love her though. She has eyes that you can dive into and a face that is so different than her fellow Hollywood stars that it is hard not to love her!

Here are our favorite looks of her:                    
**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Amanda Seyfried arrives at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London

We love how her eyes pop out and her hair balances the playful pattern on her dress. So cute!

Here she is showing a casual look while at a shopping promotion for Jennifer’s Body. Fitted jackets are totally in right now and we love how she chose to pair it with a pair of long shorts and heels. Although casual, it’s still classy!

And here it is truly all about excellence and style at the Academy Awards. Although red is usually not a good choice against the red carpet she needs to walk on, how could you name this a bad choice when it accents her figure and her hair so well! The classic red lip is also a great choice. She is channeling early red carpet looks with this outfit!

What are your favorite looks of Amanda? Let us know!


Static: It doesn’t come from your favorite sweater September 16, 2009

The fall season, means great fall fashions. Unfortunately, most of those fashions; cardigans, sweaters and long sleeved shirts, aren’t compatible with battling static. Did you know that static doesn’t actually come from your favorite sweater? Al Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in Wichita, Kan. and co-creator of the Semplifi Hair System is here to tell you why!

Q: Why is it that I battle with static, especially in the fall and winter months?

Al: The elements know when to attack and around winter you hair is under attack because of the constant battle between cold weather and heating systems. When you are outside you are exposed to cool air that has some moisture in it, when you walk inside your heated home then all the moisture is sucked out of the air. Therefore, your hair reacts with static.

Another reason this happens is from the common battle between product and environment. Products build on top of your hair and the environment is still sneaking into the cuticle. Therefore you need a product that will penetrate the cuticle. Of course I mean the  Semplifi Hair System.

How to use: Shampoo like normal. Then with the Daily Plus Conditioner, add a couple pumps of Volume Plus and lather together. That will give your hair volume and moisture but no static. After showering apply the Style Plus spray just to help maintain frizz.

These products working together in tandem will penetrate the cuticle, fill it and block any other elements from penetrating. In return you can go from cold to hot environments as often as you please! Also, quit blaming your sweater! It’s the environment! You can wear your clothing with out fear of what it will do to your hair style that day.

For more information on how these products work visit the Semplifi Web site,

Also let us know what your biggest hair questions are! Al would love to answer them for you!


We’re filming! September 11, 2009

Really exciting news for all those people who haven’t tried Semplifi or aren’t really sure how it works- we are beginning to film a series of videos to teach you how to use the product for your specific hair type!

Since Semplifi can be used on any hair type and will work for anyone, we want you to see for yourself. Whether your a blonde, brunette or redhead by highlights or natural, we can show you how to use the product specifically for you. Also, since Semplifi is the only (or one of few) products that can work on any ethnic hair type, we are excited to show you for ourselves.

Jocelyn has used Semplifi at home and loves the product because it makes her hair soft and shiny, without the oily feeling!

Jocelyn has used Semplifi at home and loves the product because it makes her hair soft and shiny, without the oily feeling!

All of the girls who volunteered to do the photoshoot were either clients of de’-al salon that has used Semplifi before.


Flat iron woes September 7, 2009

Al Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in Wichita, KS and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems, is here to answer your hair questions!

Q: How come I use the flat iron and it seems like my hair is smoking?

Al: Just like if anything smokes, it’s burning! Now I’m not going to tell you to stop using your flat iron, but the reason why it burns your hair is because of the products that are on your hair. Even if you just washed your hair with shampoo and condioner, you are putting heat to the product build up you have already created.

To safely use your flat iron with out burning your hair you need to use a product that won’t build up on your hair shaft.

My suggestion Semplifi Hair System. Shampoo and Condition as normal. Use the Style Plus spray while blow drying or air drying your hair in order to protect from heat and the elements. Then before flat ironing, put a couple of pumps of moisture plus in your hands and run your fingers through your hair. Brush your hair out and then begin flat ironing. After doing so, you will notice there wasn’t any smoke and your hair is soft and shiny afterward!

How does this work? Easy, Semplifi doesn’t create product build up because it can’t. It’s not designed to sit on the hair follicle, it is meant to penetrate the cuticle and repair from the inside out while protecting the hair from harsh elements and of course, heat!

Want to know how you can purchase Semplifi or learn more about the product, visit

Got a question for Al? Comment us or send an e-mail to


Madonna through the years September 5, 2009

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Madonna has always been a pop icon. She has established this through her music, her controversy and her fashion statements.

 alike-a-virgin-albumNo matter what Madonna has chosen to wear, it has always been a part of the fashion statement. In her ‘ Like a Virgin’ video she transformed what girls viewed as their ultimate bad girl look. She was famous for channeling a modern Marilyn Monroe-but adding more lace and leather to it.


Even today, Madonna is as fit as ever, young-looking and dressed to impress.  Now its your turn, tell us what your favorite Madonna looks are. Or what looks have you tried to imitate yourself?


Top charts love Madonna! September 4, 2009

Wonder woman of hits, Madonna has been at the top of many charts since the 80’s. Top of the music charts, fashion, controversy and now it has been said that this year’s tour will make more money than any other solo artist ever.

In order to celebrate, Madonna allowed her daughter Lourdes and son Rocco to be  on stage having fun along with her. Lourdes has even been noticed around the country, dressing as the ‘Like a Virgin’ Madonna in her mother’s latest Celebration video.

Young Madonna? Nope, its her daughter Lourdes who has a striking resemblance to her mother's 'Like a Virgin' video.

Young Madonna? Nope, its her daughter Lourdes who has a striking resemblance to her mother's 'Like a Virgin' video.

But Madonna has more than a money-makin tour to be proud of- she is a pop artist icon that paved the way for many artists like Britany Spears, Christina Aguilera and one could say even Lady Gaga wouldn’t be here today with out her.

Madonna even started the theatrical performances at concerts, creating a story with her albums and a party with her audience.

Congratulations to the Queen of Pop! Help us celebrate with her as we find some of our favorite Madonna looks through out the years. Let us know what your favorites are!


Ethnic hair deserves to be soft and shiny too! September 2, 2009

Al Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in Wichita, Kan. and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems is back to answer your hair questions!

Q: I have Ethnic hair, why is my hair not as soft as other hair types?

Al: Ethnic hair has a harder time of retaining moisture because of the oils that build up from many of the products that are offered for that hair type. Many people who have ethnic hair need to buy certain products to maintain their hair, unfortunately those products are all topical and cause product build up that can almost seem greasy. While most of the products do this, there is a way to achieve soft and silky hair that is inexpensive, easy and completely possible.

Semplifi Hair Care System penetrates the cuticle, as we have said many times before. Therefore it can NOT cause product build up. It works on any hair type, which means even those with ethnic hair can use it. The way that those with ethnic hair use Semplifi is different than others.

New Letterbox and Elementsbottles

How to use: Use the Daily Renew Shampoo and instead of the Daily Plus Conditioner, use a few pumps of the volumizer and a few pumps of the moisturizer. That will add the perfect amount of natural lift, shine and moisture to the cuticle. Then throughout the day, use the Moisture Plus when styling or if you feel like your hair needs extra shine and moisture.

Semplifi has a great effect on ethnic hair, like no other product can. It is guaranteed to work and keep your hair soft and shiny as long as you use it.

You deserve to have great hair, no matter what hair type you have. You weren’t born with unhealthy hair so why should it stay that way? If you have any hair topics that you’d like to see covered send us a comment or e-mail us at

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