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Success Stories September 21, 2009

Before using Semplifi

Before using Semplifi

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica, a student at Wichita State University and Shift Manager at a local Starbucks. Most of my day includes walking across campus to class, or during sculpture tours and working in a humid environment while I make and brew coffee. So naturally, my hair isn’t in the best condition.

My hair is extremely curly, frizzy and depending on the weather, very dry. Mix in the different elements of work and school and you can basically say that my hair is beyond manageable. It is frustrating because there are only two ways my hair can go- down and out of hand or up in a bun or braid.

I have tried every product that I could find- from the supermarket shelves to what ever my hairstylist hands me. However, most of those products either weigh my hair down to the extreme; leaving it feeling oily or looking too flat and at the end of the day feeling gross.  Trying all of this product is also very expensive and I have a pile of products that didn’t work for me cluttering my bathroom cabinets.

I was told by a friend about the Semplifi Hair System- well actually she grabbed my head and began spraying the Style Plus spray in my hair telling it me it would work. And it did. I went back to my boyfriend’s house that night and he asked me if I got my hair done at the salon earlier that day. What guy notices that stuff? So basically I wanted to learn more about the product.

I understand that Semplifi works to get inside of the cuticle to start repairing the hair from the inside out and then continues to protect the hair from outside elements. From looking at the Web site,, I understood that it was a clean product that can work on any hair type, even mine!

The goals I would like to see from this product are to gain better control of my curls and to moisturize my hair without weighing it down or building frizz. I’ll keep you updated! In the meantime, I’ve become a fan of their page on Facebook, and so should you to keep up on everything new with Semplifi.



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