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It’s I Do for Khloe Kardashian September 28, 2009

Ok, so we had to jump on the boat and talk about the biggest celebrity moment of the last two weeks- Khloe Kardashian marrying Lamar Oden. For as cautious as Khloe is with men, it has surprised most people that she was to wed so quickly. Regardless- we’re happy for her! Pictures of her wedding have not yet been released because she allowed the pics to go to the highest bidder- OK magazine. But here’s the pics we were able to find with the help of a few courtesy photogs:

Sisters gathered in purple waiting for the wedding to start.

Kelly Osbourne dressed in a lovely black and white patterned dress arrived to the wedding in classic Kelly style

Adrienne, who once dated Rob Kardashian, is still a great friend to the family and showed up glowing to the wedding.

A closer image of the bridesmaid dress that Kim and Malika were wearing for the wedding. The themed flowers appear to be all white roses.

Of course Ryan Seacrest was in attendance. Probably taking notes on the next reality series…

Now- what are your thoughts about the wedding?