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It’s I Do for Khloe Kardashian September 28, 2009

Ok, so we had to jump on the boat and talk about the biggest celebrity moment of the last two weeks- Khloe Kardashian marrying Lamar Oden. For as cautious as Khloe is with men, it has surprised most people that she was to wed so quickly. Regardless- we’re happy for her! Pictures of her wedding have not yet been released because she allowed the pics to go to the highest bidder- OK magazine. But here’s the pics we were able to find with the help of a few courtesy photogs:

Sisters gathered in purple waiting for the wedding to start.

Kelly Osbourne dressed in a lovely black and white patterned dress arrived to the wedding in classic Kelly style

Adrienne, who once dated Rob Kardashian, is still a great friend to the family and showed up glowing to the wedding.

A closer image of the bridesmaid dress that Kim and Malika were wearing for the wedding. The themed flowers appear to be all white roses.

Of course Ryan Seacrest was in attendance. Probably taking notes on the next reality series…

Now- what are your thoughts about the wedding?


Celebrity of the week: Amanda Seyfried September 21, 2009

Ok, so who’s hott right now? Ya, Amanda Seyfriend. She was the “dumb blonde” in ‘Mean Girls’, the love struck daughter trying to find her dad in ‘Mama Mia’ and finally the girl who battles Megan Fox in ‘Jennifer’s Body.’ This isn’t the only reason why we love her though. She has eyes that you can dive into and a face that is so different than her fellow Hollywood stars that it is hard not to love her!

Here are our favorite looks of her:                    
**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Amanda Seyfried arrives at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London

We love how her eyes pop out and her hair balances the playful pattern on her dress. So cute!

Here she is showing a casual look while at a shopping promotion for Jennifer’s Body. Fitted jackets are totally in right now and we love how she chose to pair it with a pair of long shorts and heels. Although casual, it’s still classy!

And here it is truly all about excellence and style at the Academy Awards. Although red is usually not a good choice against the red carpet she needs to walk on, how could you name this a bad choice when it accents her figure and her hair so well! The classic red lip is also a great choice. She is channeling early red carpet looks with this outfit!

What are your favorite looks of Amanda? Let us know!


Top charts love Madonna! September 4, 2009

Wonder woman of hits, Madonna has been at the top of many charts since the 80’s. Top of the music charts, fashion, controversy and now it has been said that this year’s tour will make more money than any other solo artist ever.

In order to celebrate, Madonna allowed her daughter Lourdes and son Rocco to be  on stage having fun along with her. Lourdes has even been noticed around the country, dressing as the ‘Like a Virgin’ Madonna in her mother’s latest Celebration video.

Young Madonna? Nope, its her daughter Lourdes who has a striking resemblance to her mother's 'Like a Virgin' video.

Young Madonna? Nope, its her daughter Lourdes who has a striking resemblance to her mother's 'Like a Virgin' video.

But Madonna has more than a money-makin tour to be proud of- she is a pop artist icon that paved the way for many artists like Britany Spears, Christina Aguilera and one could say even Lady Gaga wouldn’t be here today with out her.

Madonna even started the theatrical performances at concerts, creating a story with her albums and a party with her audience.

Congratulations to the Queen of Pop! Help us celebrate with her as we find some of our favorite Madonna looks through out the years. Let us know what your favorites are!


Calling all Brunettes! Fall looks are in! September 1, 2009

Dean Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in New York and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems gave us advice on what hair colors and cuts are in for this season. From that advice we went out and found girls willing to get in style for a new fall look!

Sara Lopez is a stylist at de’-al salon in Wichita and with the help of her fellow stylists, they achieved a great fall look for brunettes.

DSC02849Here you can see that her natural color is very dark, per Dean’s advice she needed to add a warmer color to it while keeping it natural. So she had a milk chocolate tone added to cover her previous blonde highlights. This milk chocolate color working with her naturally dark brown hair and mixed quite well in order to brighten her face.

You may have seen this look on certain celebs, like Fergie!

 How to keep that color looking great

To create the shine and volume to her hair, she used the Semplifi Hair System.

First she used the Daily Renew Shampoo then the Daily Plus Conditioner mixed in with a few pumps of Moisture Plus. This helped to lock in moisture and will help keep the color in the hair so it won’t fade.

Then a blow out was performed on Sara’s hair and with a round brush working the root, you can see she got a soft volumized look. By spraying the Semplifi Style Plus Spray into her palms, she then worked her fingers through her hair in order to add more shine, volume and contain frizz.

Since the Semplifi Hair System fills the cuticle of the hair, we can expect that Sara’s hair will still have that great color a month from now, because with Semplifi the color can’t fade- that is a guarantee.

 To learn how you can achieve this look with the Semplifi Hair System visit


Inglorious Basterds full of fashion August 19, 2009

The latest Tarantino event is one you don’t want to over look. The red carpet of the premiere for Inglorious Basterds was full of stars– I mean the stars on the outfits! Alexa Chung, Eli Roth and Michelle Monaghan caught my eye, however if I were to choose my favorite look, no doubt it would be Diane Kruger.


Diane shimmers from a far with this white, fitting dress. Her curves are highly noticeable yet very chic.

Diane shimmers from a far with this white, fitting dress. Her curves are highly noticeable yet very chic. The details on her dress give away how she could shimmer from a distance. The design is amazing!

What were your favorite look from the premiere of Inglorious Basterds?

The key is natural

With fall approaching and all the new fashions coming out, it is important that your hair follows with it. The key to remember this fall is to keep it natural.

When you go and get your hair cut, add some slight color. Get a cut that isn’t too drastic. Add some layers or bangs.

One look that remains natural and easy maintenance is beachy waves.

Beachy waves that Kate Hudson is known for can be used this fall too. To spice this look up put the waves in a cute side bun- messy it up a bit. Make sure to volumize the top for ultimate lift. We recommend using Semplifi Volume Plus on the root of your hair in order to create a full bodied lift instantly, with out the frizz.

Kate Hudson at Yankee Stadium in New York


Want to achieve this look? Go to to learn more about the Semplifi Hair System. Message us and let us know how you achieve the beachy waves!


Braids all the Rave August 18, 2009

I have been doing my research about the best back to school hair styles and I am prepared to achieve those looks before my semester begins again. Right now, its all about the braid. Whether its the boho braid, flirty fishtail braids or the classy side braid.  Ya, so braids have been going strong all summer long- but now its all about how you can ‘sophisticate’ them for your perfect school look.

I love how casual Jessica Alba looks with her braid in this picture. This look can be great for gym class or even math! Add some ribbons to braid into your hair to spice it up or add some sparkley pins.

Jessica Alba Goes Back To Blonde!