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I’ve been Semplified September 28, 2009

DSC02901Hey guys! It’s Jessica again! Just a recap: My hair- dry, frizzy, curly and uncontrollable. I tried every product under the sun that was ‘guranteed’ to work for me. Then I was told about the Semplifi Hair System, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now.

My hair feels amazing and I am truly impressed with the product. At work, my braid is neat and pretty, my curls are loose and shiny and my frizz is completely gone! Anyone who has the same issue as I had- you need to look into this product some more!




With the Semplifi Hair System, you can personalize it to your own hair need. So here is how I use the product:

  • 3 pumps of the Daily Renew Shampoo
  • 4 pumps of the Daily Plus conditioner + 3 pumps of Volume Plus serum
  • After showering, I spray the Style Plus all over my hair and comb through
  • Then I mix 1 pump of Volume Plus with 2 pumps of Moisture Plus and run my fingers through my hair.

I like to air dry my hair, so by using mixing the Volume and Moisture Plus together, my curls become loose, beautiful and frizz free.

All my goals have been met with Semplifi. My hair is controllable and has moisture without frizz. I also love how clean my hair always feels. I can say that I am satisfied with this product! I can even put my hair in one of my favorite clips- and it doesn’t look messy! DSC02903


We’re filming! September 11, 2009

Really exciting news for all those people who haven’t tried Semplifi or aren’t really sure how it works- we are beginning to film a series of videos to teach you how to use the product for your specific hair type!

Since Semplifi can be used on any hair type and will work for anyone, we want you to see for yourself. Whether your a blonde, brunette or redhead by highlights or natural, we can show you how to use the product specifically for you. Also, since Semplifi is the only (or one of few) products that can work on any ethnic hair type, we are excited to show you for ourselves.

Jocelyn has used Semplifi at home and loves the product because it makes her hair soft and shiny, without the oily feeling!

Jocelyn has used Semplifi at home and loves the product because it makes her hair soft and shiny, without the oily feeling!

All of the girls who volunteered to do the photoshoot were either clients of de’-al salon that has used Semplifi before.


Fall looks start with the cut, end with the color August 31, 2009

Soon the sidewalks will be covered in leaves and the air will be brisk, which means one thing- time to get a new fall hairstyle. So the question is- what colors and cuts are trend-right for the fall season?

Not to worry! Dean Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in New York and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Care System, offers his expertise and insight on the best looks in hair and fashion for right now and into autumn.

Warm reds and strawberry blondes will be the envy of everyone, and summer’s bright blondes can be toned down to evoke a pearl or champagne glow. Warm hair color paired with soft neutral makeup will deliver the classy look you’re seeking.

David Tupaz Luxe Wear Fall/Winter Fashion Collection Phoebe Price arrives at Luxe Wear Fall/Winter Fashion Week with warm red hair that displays long, loose curls.


Short cuts and edgy, pieced looks are softening up and becoming more ladylike.
With the cut it’s very simple: think – soft and pretty- from the bangs to the ends; longer layers and loose waves or loopy curls. The bangs can be straight and defined or they can blend into longer layers around the face. The right bangs are very important to the overall look.

Keep yourself in the loop …we will be posting pictures of our fall styles, with the advice of Dean!

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Blonde Highlights lookin a little brassy? August 24, 2009

Al Melchiorre is a hair expert; owner of de’-al salon in Wichita, KS and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems, with his brother Dean. He is here to answer any and all hair questions you may have! If you have a question make sure to comment or send us an e-mail at or becoming our fan on Facebook!

Q: Why do my blonde highlights either fade or turn brassy?

Al: Well to answer that question let’s first explain how you get those blonde highlights. First of all, to recieve those blonde tints the stylist is using a form of bleach. The bleach opens up the cuticle of the hair in order to turn the entire follicle blonde. The bad thing is, it doesn’t close the cuticle after it’s finished.

Once your hair is highlighted you are then directed to wash your hair, which can begin the fading process, offered some products that will continue that fading process then you go home where you are exposed to sunlight, hard minerals in your water and other elements. All of these things combined or alone will begin the oxidation and fading of your high lights.

Semplifi fills the cuticle protecting the color from outside elements such as minerals in water and the sun. By using Semplifi your blonde highlights will look great a month from the day you had them done. All you'll need to do is touch up those roots!

Semplifi fills the cuticle protecting the color from outside elements such as minerals in water and the sun. By using Semplifi your blonde highlights will look great a month from the day you had them done. All you'll need to do is touch up those roots!

Hard minerals in your water or even chlorine will jump inside that open cuticle and begin to turn your hair that brassy color that you didn’t want to achieve. How do you fix it? Use Semplifi.

Semplifi Hair System is guaranteed, yes guaranteed, to keep your blonde high lights blonde. Semplifi goes into the cuticle, puffs it up and shuts the cuticle so other elements can’t penetrate.

After high lighting your hair, use Semplifi’s shampoo and conditioner, then massage a few pumps of Moisture Plus into your hair before you begin to dry. Using Semplifi as your regular hair treatment, will enure that your high lights not only stay blonde, but never fade. If you could only schedule a hair appointment to touch up your roots, why wouldn’t you?

Make sure that when you go to the salon to get great looking hair, it stays great looking. That is why you should use Semplifi. If your high lights are fading or turning brassy, you have elements entering your cuticle that aren’t meant to be there. Semplifi your life with a product that will save you the worry and the money of a constant re-touch.

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How come I color my hair and it fades so quickly? August 13, 2009

Al Melchiorre, owner of de-al salon in Wichita, KS and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems has agreed to answer some of your biggest hair questions! So Al, why is it that the color fades so quickly?

When you color your hair, whether it be highlights or full color, the process opens up the cuticle of the hair. There isn’t a process after that to close the cuticle, therefore all elements have the opportunity of penetrating the cuticle and begin damage to the hair follicle.

To protect your hair from fading, normally you are recommended to use a shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip the color in your hair. Now, it may not be stripping the color, but it is definitely not protecting it from fading either.

No matter what you do in your daily life, you are exposing your recently colored hair to sunlight, dryness and of course chlorine, which is found in your regular water supply. All of these things are known to either change the color of your dye job or fade it quickly.

To protect your color from fading you need to use a product that will close the cuticle, like Semplifi. Semplifi Hair System is meant to keep color in, which is much different from a no-strip system.

Semplifi works to penetrate the cuticle, fill it up and block any outside elements from entering. By using the Daily Renew Shampoo and the Daily Plus Conditioner, mixed with the Volume Plus your hair gets the perfect amount of shine, natural bounce and silky feeling, all while protecting the hair from dryness, static, frizzy hair and other elements that you encounter on a daily basis.

It is a guarantee that this product can work for you, under any condition. After coloring your hair, use Semplifi and you can cut down your color touch-ups to where you only need to color your root line. Semplifi will preserve the color and make sure that a month later, your color looks no different than the day you got it done.

To learn more about the Semplifi Hair System, go to or become a fan of ours on Facebook by searching Semplifi.

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