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I’ve been Semplified September 28, 2009

DSC02901Hey guys! It’s Jessica again! Just a recap: My hair- dry, frizzy, curly and uncontrollable. I tried every product under the sun that was ‘guranteed’ to work for me. Then I was told about the Semplifi Hair System, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now.

My hair feels amazing and I am truly impressed with the product. At work, my braid is neat and pretty, my curls are loose and shiny and my frizz is completely gone! Anyone who has the same issue as I had- you need to look into this product some more!




With the Semplifi Hair System, you can personalize it to your own hair need. So here is how I use the product:

  • 3 pumps of the Daily Renew Shampoo
  • 4 pumps of the Daily Plus conditioner + 3 pumps of Volume Plus serum
  • After showering, I spray the Style Plus all over my hair and comb through
  • Then I mix 1 pump of Volume Plus with 2 pumps of Moisture Plus and run my fingers through my hair.

I like to air dry my hair, so by using mixing the Volume and Moisture Plus together, my curls become loose, beautiful and frizz free.

All my goals have been met with Semplifi. My hair is controllable and has moisture without frizz. I also love how clean my hair always feels. I can say that I am satisfied with this product! I can even put my hair in one of my favorite clips- and it doesn’t look messy! DSC02903


Calling all Brunettes! Fall looks are in! September 1, 2009

Dean Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in New York and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems gave us advice on what hair colors and cuts are in for this season. From that advice we went out and found girls willing to get in style for a new fall look!

Sara Lopez is a stylist at de’-al salon in Wichita and with the help of her fellow stylists, they achieved a great fall look for brunettes.

DSC02849Here you can see that her natural color is very dark, per Dean’s advice she needed to add a warmer color to it while keeping it natural. So she had a milk chocolate tone added to cover her previous blonde highlights. This milk chocolate color working with her naturally dark brown hair and mixed quite well in order to brighten her face.

You may have seen this look on certain celebs, like Fergie!

 How to keep that color looking great

To create the shine and volume to her hair, she used the Semplifi Hair System.

First she used the Daily Renew Shampoo then the Daily Plus Conditioner mixed in with a few pumps of Moisture Plus. This helped to lock in moisture and will help keep the color in the hair so it won’t fade.

Then a blow out was performed on Sara’s hair and with a round brush working the root, you can see she got a soft volumized look. By spraying the Semplifi Style Plus Spray into her palms, she then worked her fingers through her hair in order to add more shine, volume and contain frizz.

Since the Semplifi Hair System fills the cuticle of the hair, we can expect that Sara’s hair will still have that great color a month from now, because with Semplifi the color can’t fade- that is a guarantee.

 To learn how you can achieve this look with the Semplifi Hair System visit


Fall looks start with the cut, end with the color August 31, 2009

Soon the sidewalks will be covered in leaves and the air will be brisk, which means one thing- time to get a new fall hairstyle. So the question is- what colors and cuts are trend-right for the fall season?

Not to worry! Dean Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in New York and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Care System, offers his expertise and insight on the best looks in hair and fashion for right now and into autumn.

Warm reds and strawberry blondes will be the envy of everyone, and summer’s bright blondes can be toned down to evoke a pearl or champagne glow. Warm hair color paired with soft neutral makeup will deliver the classy look you’re seeking.

David Tupaz Luxe Wear Fall/Winter Fashion Collection Phoebe Price arrives at Luxe Wear Fall/Winter Fashion Week with warm red hair that displays long, loose curls.


Short cuts and edgy, pieced looks are softening up and becoming more ladylike.
With the cut it’s very simple: think – soft and pretty- from the bangs to the ends; longer layers and loose waves or loopy curls. The bangs can be straight and defined or they can blend into longer layers around the face. The right bangs are very important to the overall look.

Keep yourself in the loop …we will be posting pictures of our fall styles, with the advice of Dean!

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Project Runway is back tonight! August 20, 2009

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Project Runway is back in full effect tonight at 9 p.m. Moving from Bravo to Lifetime, Heidi tells USA Today that she doesn’t expect any bad changes to viewer-ship. Beside colors changing, set changing and new location the show remains the same.

For those who have never watched Project Runway, it is a show that gives 16 hopeful fashion designers the chance to show off their fashion line at New York Fashion Week.

Instead of shooting in New York the contestants will be working out of LA in order to give a new viewpoint to the show.

The cast is from all walks of life, from Chicago to Yugoslavia- should make for an interesting season to see fashion from across the globe!

Make sure to stay tuned tonight and let me know what you’re most excited about with the new season!

Past seasons… who was your favorite?


The key is natural August 19, 2009

With fall approaching and all the new fashions coming out, it is important that your hair follows with it. The key to remember this fall is to keep it natural.

When you go and get your hair cut, add some slight color. Get a cut that isn’t too drastic. Add some layers or bangs.

One look that remains natural and easy maintenance is beachy waves.

Beachy waves that Kate Hudson is known for can be used this fall too. To spice this look up put the waves in a cute side bun- messy it up a bit. Make sure to volumize the top for ultimate lift. We recommend using Semplifi Volume Plus on the root of your hair in order to create a full bodied lift instantly, with out the frizz.

Kate Hudson at Yankee Stadium in New York


Want to achieve this look? Go to to learn more about the Semplifi Hair System. Message us and let us know how you achieve the beachy waves!


Bad case of dry hair? Al Melchiorre answers why! August 17, 2009


Product build up reacts with hairstyling tools such as a flat iron or blow dryer to create an unflattering dry look.

Product build up reacts with hairstyling tools such as a flat iron or blow dryer to create an unflattering dry look.

Al Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in Wichita, KS and co-creator of Semplifi Hair Systems is here to answer your questions about your locks of hair. If you have a question you’d like answered let us know!



Q: I constantly battle dry hair, no matter what products I use they either work for a while and then I have to find another product to fix dryness all over again.

Al: Easy, product build up, which can happen a couple of ways. One way to dry your hair through product build up is by using your shampoo and conditioner and after usage products such as smoothing serum, ‘moisture rich’ hot oil treatments etc… This products are only meant to coat the outside of the hair follicle and ‘clean’ the hair. Instead all of these products are sitting on the hair shaft and blocking moisture from entering the cuticle.

Another way that product build up causes dryness is by using high detergent shampoos, which are found in most of your convenient stores like Walmart, Walgreens and Target. These surface high products work the same as the using multiple products, they coat the hair and prevent moisture from entering the cuticle.

You can also get dry hair by being exposed to dry air environments. Your hair reacts with your environment tremendously. So if you are going from a moisturous environment to a dry environment your hair is going to become dry as well.

This can be prevented however. Using the Semplifi Hair System works better than any ‘moisture’ blended shampoo, hot oil treatment or leave in conditioners. Reason being is because Semplifi penetrates the hair cuticle and doesn’t sit on the hair shaft. It can not create product buildup or dryness. When you shampoo and condition with Semplifi it fills the cuticle of the hair and fills it with moisture, while blocking any other elements that can dry your hair from entering. While air drying your hair, use some Style Plus spray to help maintain or if you’re blow drying, add Style Plus before and Moisture Plus after.

These products will ‘medicate’ your hair and over time you will notice that you don’t need to use as much product to fight dryness because your hair will become healthier every day.

Stray away from using the hot oil treatments or products to smooth your dry ends- get a product that will fully moisturize from the inside out.

Like to know more about the Semplifi Hair System or how to order? Go to


Mom’s can have great hair too! August 7, 2009

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Just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair too! The bubble bath is still a great get away from all the kids, running errands, working long hours and the extra curricular activities you’re in. Let’s face it, Mom’s aren’t the “Leave it to Beaver” type anymore- they are go-getting Super Mom’s.

Now that the kids are getting ready to go back to school and they are wanting new hair styles, that means Mom needs to treat herself as well. You may not change your length or cut much through out the year, but adding a new twist to it can make a difference!

If you are going to the office, consider a nice loose pony tail for those with long locks. Mom’s with short hair, a nice feather technique or a new cut to the bangs always adds some flare.

Going out for a nice date? Try adding some volumizer (Semplifi’s Volume Plus is a great way to add some volume with out the frizz or build-up) to your roots, use a large barrel curling iron at the roots to create bounce. After that, use some more volumizer and bump up the ends.

Is it time to manage a sleep over? Not a problem, use the popular twist to get your bangs out of the way. Then use a large barrel curling iron to put some curl on the rest of your hair. Use the volumizer (again the Volume Plus is perfect for this) and ‘messy’ up those curls for a chic hippy look. Don’t be afraid, this look is perfect for all ages!

Now that you have some ideas, get out there and try them out. Just because your a mom doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair! What are your favorite hairstyles?

To learn more about Semplifi’s Volume Plus visit