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I’ve been Semplified September 28, 2009

DSC02901Hey guys! It’s Jessica again! Just a recap: My hair- dry, frizzy, curly and uncontrollable. I tried every product under the sun that was ‘guranteed’ to work for me. Then I was told about the Semplifi Hair System, which I have been using for a couple of weeks now.

My hair feels amazing and I am truly impressed with the product. At work, my braid is neat and pretty, my curls are loose and shiny and my frizz is completely gone! Anyone who has the same issue as I had- you need to look into this product some more!




With the Semplifi Hair System, you can personalize it to your own hair need. So here is how I use the product:

  • 3 pumps of the Daily Renew Shampoo
  • 4 pumps of the Daily Plus conditioner + 3 pumps of Volume Plus serum
  • After showering, I spray the Style Plus all over my hair and comb through
  • Then I mix 1 pump of Volume Plus with 2 pumps of Moisture Plus and run my fingers through my hair.

I like to air dry my hair, so by using mixing the Volume and Moisture Plus together, my curls become loose, beautiful and frizz free.

All my goals have been met with Semplifi. My hair is controllable and has moisture without frizz. I also love how clean my hair always feels. I can say that I am satisfied with this product! I can even put my hair in one of my favorite clips- and it doesn’t look messy! DSC02903


Static: It doesn’t come from your favorite sweater September 16, 2009

The fall season, means great fall fashions. Unfortunately, most of those fashions; cardigans, sweaters and long sleeved shirts, aren’t compatible with battling static. Did you know that static doesn’t actually come from your favorite sweater? Al Melchiorre, owner of de’-al salon in Wichita, Kan. and co-creator of the Semplifi Hair System is here to tell you why!

Q: Why is it that I battle with static, especially in the fall and winter months?

Al: The elements know when to attack and around winter you hair is under attack because of the constant battle between cold weather and heating systems. When you are outside you are exposed to cool air that has some moisture in it, when you walk inside your heated home then all the moisture is sucked out of the air. Therefore, your hair reacts with static.

Another reason this happens is from the common battle between product and environment. Products build on top of your hair and the environment is still sneaking into the cuticle. Therefore you need a product that will penetrate the cuticle. Of course I mean the  Semplifi Hair System.

How to use: Shampoo like normal. Then with the Daily Plus Conditioner, add a couple pumps of Volume Plus and lather together. That will give your hair volume and moisture but no static. After showering apply the Style Plus spray just to help maintain frizz.

These products working together in tandem will penetrate the cuticle, fill it and block any other elements from penetrating. In return you can go from cold to hot environments as often as you please! Also, quit blaming your sweater! It’s the environment! You can wear your clothing with out fear of what it will do to your hair style that day.

For more information on how these products work visit the Semplifi Web site,

Also let us know what your biggest hair questions are! Al would love to answer them for you!


Spend less to fix summer hair August 19, 2009

It is official, summer is almost over, which means time to start fixing all the damage that has been done to your hair. There are many products out there that require you to not only buy from different brands but are expensive. It is unreasonable to go out and search for products that are only designed to treat one thing, such as chlorine, dry or frizzy hair. You need a product that is going to tackle it all, at an affordable price.

According to experts it is said that this is the list that every women should have:

  • Moroccan Oil Masque, $48.75: this product is designed to be used once a week for about half an hour in order to fully moisturize your hair.
  • Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner, $22.95 each: designed to be used to hydrate the hair and fix damaged ends.
  • Redken Straight 05 Straightening Balm, $12.99: designed to fix those frizzies that fly away.
  • Kiehl’s All Sport Swimmer’s Cleansing Rinse for Hair and Body, $18: designed only to be used on hair exposed to chlorine. It will take the chlorine out of the hair easily, but dry the hair out in return.
  • Nectar of the Gods, $22: designed to detangle the hair.

All of these products are not easy to be found, or inexpensive. After getting this after summer kit your looking at about $150 for products that will only fix your summer issues. When you’ve finished reparing your hair, these products can be stored under your bathroom sink until next year.

Here are the products that we recommend:

  • Semplifi Daily Renew Shampoo: Cleanses hair
  • Semplifi Daily Plus Conditioner: Adds moisture to the hair and protects from outside elements
  • Semplifi Volume Plus: Adds natural lift to the hair with out adding frizz
  • Semplifi Moisture Plus: Helps battle dry hair while filling the cuticle with moisture
  • Semplifi Style Plus: Helps contain frizzies and protect hair all through the day

There are no treatment plans; just wash and style your hair as normal using these products. Semplifi battles chlorine, dry, frizz and static in the hair. You can’t get product build-up by using and you never need to store these products under your bathroom sink until next year. You can buy the entire five piece set for $79. That is $71 less than the other recommended set of products but it’s also $71 that you save and you can use all of the product- no matter the season or whether.

To learn more about Semplifi visit . Any questions about the product? Let me know!