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Thrift stores have perfect costumes October 10, 2009

Yesterday I would have to say was the most successful day I’ve had in a really long time. A friend and I were on a mission to find out Halloween costumes, with out getting a cliche costume from the store. I have decided to go as a 60’s flight attendant, with a mod almost Jackie Kennedy look. My friend, after going through every costume we could think of that is awesome, we stumbled upon the Willy Wonka idea. Anywho, we began our search at some thrift stores and came out VERY successful! Then we decided to top our outfits off by going to some of our favorite, inexpensive stores. Check out what we found!

DSC02912 This dress was so perfect that we had to get it! We found it at a thrift store for only $10, it still had the original tags on it and was purchased for $130! What a steal! Oh- and you can’t tell me that this dress doesn’t scream flight attendant!


DSC02913 We found these shoes at Charolette Rousse and luckily they were having a buy one pair, get the second for $10 deal, so of course we immediately jumped on that! These shoes are so cute, but also perfect for the dress!




 These earings have a classic look to them and the bracelet has a retro feel. Both of them go with the dress and the theme very well! All that’s left is the perfect hair style and of course, the flight attendant hat! This outfit was a total of $32, the most expensive part being the shoes. But of course, they can be worn again!



Willy Wonka was a lot of fun to shop for. We mixed the colors that he wore in the movie, and made it cute for a girl.

DSC02923 First we started with the awesome Wonka hat

DSC02921(1) Then we headed to Plato’s Closet where she found this perfect dark green jacket, that instead of being long like Wonka’s was, it is a waist coat that is perfect for the girly version.  Also, if you’ll notice the sparkley scarf inside of the coat- instead of a bow tie like he wore, we went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some fabric to make a flashy scarf.



 Then we went to Forever 21 where we found the perfect pair of purple pants, that match the Wonka Hat! Now all she has to do is play with her make up, do some funky curls under her hat and get some pointed boots. Oh- and she will wear a button down white shirt with long sleeves that way they stick out under the coat. Some fun add-ons include lollipops with cool designs sticking out of her coat pockets.

This entire outfit was under $30, most of which can be found in your own closet!


So, instead of going out and getting a costume doesn’t have to be a trip to your halloween shop, start digging around in your local consignment or thrift stores. You can find some amazing things!